Keeping Your Warehouse in Order During the Year End Rush

November 9, 2017

Throughout the year, you keep your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. Your employees understand their role in the process and work hard to make the business profitable while taking care of stored items, between the point of manufacture and the time at which they are shipped to the end customer. As the holiday season approaches, the standard operating routine can be disrupted as extra inventory comes in, both as materials for production and finished product to be sold as gifts. There are a few tricks and tips which have proven to be effective when the traffic in your warehouse is more than you’re typically used to handling.

Smart Warehouse Organization for the End of the Year

Making Space for Extra Inventory

The most obvious problem with the influx of goods in preparation for the holiday season is finding a place to put it. The layman may think that because you have a warehouse you must have room for these things, but if you’re already running at peak efficiency you really don’t have much extra space. There’s always the option of just having stuff in the way every time you turn around, but a better plan is to look up! Install higher shelving, like pallet racks, and use the space above what you normally need during the rest of the year.

Preparing for Year End Sales

The people who hire your warehouse to store goods aren’t in the business of storing merchandise indefinitely, and they are going to need fast access to goods as the sales season takes off. The best way to be prepared is to assure your forklift, pallet jacks, and hand trucks are in good working order, and plenty of them to assure each worker has the tools they need available. You may need temp labor to help reach your goals. The people working temporary labor jobs want to do the best they can, so again, you have to make sure they have enough of the tools they need to do the job. A warehouse is an investment and a business unto itself, what you put into it will pay back according to your goals. There is a fine balance between what you need for daily operations and how you deal with seasonal work beyond what you originally planned for. A professional storage solution such as Action Wholesale Products has the resources and experience to manage any work overflow you may experience with overstock and preparation for a hard selling season during the holidays and throughout the year.

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