Bulk Shelving


5 Tips for Setting Up Your Shelving Units

Whether you run an e-commerce store or just have a very active garage, your shelving units could likely stand a little reorganization. Planning out each square foot of space will take time, but ultimately it will save you time over the long run. Use these five tips to get more out your space.

1. High Vs. Low-Flow

Juggernauts like Ikea and Amazon put all their efforts into high-flow warehouses, and you should be applying the same concept to your space. High-flow items are the ones you use the most often, so they require the bulk of your time and resources. Keep these high-flow items in mind if you’re planning to buy any type of gadgetry. No matter how elaborate or simple your space, the low-flow items should get as little attention as possible.

2. Think Up

Vertical storage units give you more space to work with, and it’s one of the best ways to avoid having to buy extra space for your warehouse. It may throw a wrench into the way you currently access your items, but the adjustment will be worth it.


3. Practice Flexibility

Warehouses change over time, and too many warehouses just develop workarounds for those changes rather than coming up with sustainable solutions. Instead of trying to cram a new product into a too small space, consider how you can plan your warehouse to be flexible enough to fully support what’s in demand.

4. Consider the Weight

If the weight isn’t distributed evenly across the shelves, you risk collapse or an unsustainable amount of sway. Anyone who works with the shelves should have a good understanding of how each shift in weight affects the rest of the inventory. It’s especially common for newcomers to a warehouse to make a mistake when it comes to loading. Ensure you account for all the weight the shelving will bear before ordering the units.

5. Upkeep Is Critical

Even the most advanced technology or shelf set-up can’t stop the accumulation of junk on your shelves. No matter how fool-proof your system is, it will still take a lot of work to keep it all together. Odd circumstances will arise where things have to out of place for a time. The key is to take care of misplaced items right away.


Organize Business Records For Optimal Archival Retrieval

Archive Shelving UnitsThroughout the business world, data is collected that is needed to run and track daily operations. Reports of current sales, forecast reports, employees’ work hours and inventory lists of available stock in warehouses are just some of the records that a business might need to sort. You may also collect data reports for document creation and store customer information. For many businesses, keeping these documents as virtual files in computer networks, as well as, physical records that are stored in warehouses and storage facilities is standard practice.

Unfortunately, the number of files and documents your business creates can be enormous. Without a proper archival storage system set up, workers end up stacking boxes on top of each other as the boxes pile up in corners. This situation makes it more difficult to retrieve the required physical files when needed, leads to misfiled records, and may accidentally cause the wrong files to be destroyed. Studies have shown that anywhere from 3 percent to 5 percent of records become lost or misplaced at any given time, and that workers can waste an average of 2 hours looking for the misplaced records or spend up to $180 recreating a one-page document.

No manager wants to put out an SOS memo to the rest of the staff over a missing employee who became lost in the piles of documents in the storage room as they tried to find that one important file. Finding storage solutions that can reduce the amount of misplaced and missing files (or workers searching for such files) can become paramount to your operations.

Smarter Archive Organization Starts with Better Storage Options

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce wasted productivity and document re-creation costs is to analyze current archival shelving organization. Archive shelving allows for your business to keep records off the ground, especially helpful in buildings where records are stored in basements that can get flooded. This shelving provides better organization solutions, as boxes of documents can be grouped and shelved in specific locations based on importance and how often the information is used. You can better utilize available storage space for different size locations, such as rooms that are narrow with high ceilings or storage spaces that are wide but with low ceilings. We offer two types of record management shelving options: Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving.

Rivet System® Archive Shelving

These shelving systems are ideal for organizations that store smaller batches of records or will store these files for shorter lengths of time. Rivet System® Shelving Systems don’t require nuts, screws or bolts to assemble so office workers can easily set up and tear down these units. Archive shelving systems can hold 100 standard archive boxes and come in several storage depths to allow for double box stacking.

Bulk Archive Shelving

Bulk Archive Shelving can be used in organizations where they are managing and storing large amounts of physical documents and files. This shelving option can hold 140 archive boxes that are standard size and allows for add-on units to be attached when your storage needs increase. You can double stack boxes on bulk archive shelving for more storage capacity and still be able to easily retrieve files.

At Action Wholesale Products, we offer Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving at the lowest prices guaranteed. Before making a purchase, evaluate your current record management system. By understanding your record storage needs, how workers will retrieve files and the amount of time you will be storing these records, you can decide on the right types of archival shelving organization for your warehouse or storage facility. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you in selecting the right shelves as well.


Why Choose Wire Decking Rather than Wood Decking?

Installing Wire Mesh DeckingWhen it comes to your warehouse storage decking, you have several different options. Two of the most popular, however, are wire decking and wood decking. While each decking style has its pros and cons, wire decking is becoming more of the preferred style in many environments for a variety of reasons. Here is a look at some of the reasons why:

Improved Visibility

Every warehouse manager has been there before, looking – and being unable to find – some inventory that needs to be located. Eventually, you find it – but you waste precious time in doing so. That’s much less of an issue with wire decking, as this type of decking greatly improves visibility to help managers and workers maximize their efficiency.

Reduced Dust Buildup

Dust buildup is a common issue with wood decking, which leads to additional maintenance and other potential troubleshooting. While dust can still be an issue with wire decking, it’s much less of one.

Improved Sprinkler Effectiveness

For this reason, local fire codes in some cities actually require wire decking, because the wire decking surface allows emergency sprinklers to work much more effectively in a fire situation.

Built-in Supports

Support channels are actually built in to the wire decking itself, not only giving it a lot of rigidity, but load bearing capacity as well. In general, wire decking uses up to four different support channels and can withstand some 2,500 pounds. It’s also worth noting that wire decking can be custom made to withstand more weight.

Increased Airflow

Again, just as how the more open surface of wire decking help emergency sprinklers work more efficiently and also helps to reduce dust buildup, another benefit to the decking style is that it permits increased airflow. This is vital for several reasons, and can also reduce heating and cooling costs in warehouse environments.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wire decking when compared to other decking styles, such as wood. In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, it’s also worth noting that wire decking is very easy to setup. For more information on wire decking – and all of its benefits – contact Action Wholesale Products today at 800-966-3999.