Wire Shelving & Carts

All of Action Wholesale Products' Wire Shelving Products are NSF Approved and are available as stationary Wire Shelving Units or mobile Wire Carts.

Action Wholesale Products' 74" Chrome Wire Shelving Units and Black Wire Shelving Units consist of 4 posts, 4 shelves, 4 adjustable feet (eliminates unsteadiness, even on uneven floors) and 16 shelf clips. Wire Shelving Add-On Units consist of 2 posts, 2 adjustable feet, 4 shelves, 8 'S' Hooks and 16 shelf clips. 63" tall Shelving Units are also available.

Action Wholesale Products' Chrome Wire Carts and Black Wire Carts are available as 2 Shelf Carts (37") or 4 Shelf Carts (70"). 2 Shelf Carts consist of 4 posts, 2 shelves, 4 5" casters and 8 shelf clips. 4 Shelf Carts consist of 4 posts, 4 shelves, 4 5" casters and 16 shelf clips.

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Wire shelving from Action Wholesale Products can provide your home, commercial kitchen or industrial warehouse space with just the right kind of storage and style you're looking for. We provide our customers with high quality wire shelves from Quantum, a leading name in the wire shelves industry. As such, our loyal Action Wholesale Customers who already look to us for the best in pricing and quality on industrial shelves, can trust us to deliver the highest quality wire shelves possible. Our partnership with Quantum enables us to supply our customers with the absolute lowest prices on the internet for wire shelves.
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