Selecting the Right Storage Rack Shelving for Efficient Warehouse Operations

December 9, 2014

One of the toughest jobs for small businesses involves running the warehouse. Products need to be on the shelves for customers to buy. Inventory needs to be categorized and placed on shelves for easy retrieval. Merchandise information has to be kept up to date to match sales and product availability in the warehouse. So what is the Right Storage Rack Shelving for Efficient Warehouse Operations? For the warehouse to function optimally, shelving systems are arranged in the best manner for warehouse managers to keep stock continually moving. Yet what type of shelving will work for a small business with a warehouse?

Pallet Rack Shelving VS Bulk Rack Shelving

Two main types of warehouse shelving available are pallet rack and bulk rack. Pallet rack is heavy-duty shelving that accommodates products packed on pallets (or skids). The pallets themselves can be lifted and placed on the rack with a forklift and the rack can stretch upward to the ceiling. Bulk rack is typically lower capacity shelving that allows warehouse workers to manually place products on the shelf by hand. Bulk rack is perfect for individual products or products sold in small boxes.

Which Rack is The Best Rack To Use?

The type of rack to use will be based on how the products arrive at the warehouse and how the warehouse manager places the products on the shelves. If your products are sold in bulk and wrapped on pallets, pallet rack shelving is probably the best solution for your warehouse. Workers will be able to move the pallets with the use of forklifts or pallet trucks. Yet if the products are stored in boxes and individually placed on shelves, bulk rack is your best storage shelving solution. Bulk rack is also ideal for small warehouse spaces that cannot accommodate forklifts.

Accessories For Bulk Rack And Pallet Rack

Besides the shelving itself, bulk rack and pallet rack come with many types of accessories that prolong the life and durability of the shelving units. Types of accessories available include:
  • Load Supports
  • Pallet rack column guards
  • Row Spacers
  • Steel and Wood Supports
  • Pallet Rack & Bulk Rack wire mesh decking
  • Wood Decking

Other Types Of Storage Shelving Solutions

Sometimes pallet rack shelving and bulk rack shelving may not be suited for the small business that you are operating. If this is the case, you still have options for the best storage solutions such as the following: Boltless Shelving: When you’re looking for heavy duty shelving that is easy to assemble, with access from all four sides, boltless shelving is a great fit for your needs. Archive storage shelving: You may require the storage of documents and records that need to be archived for easy retrieval. Archive storage racks allow you to easily track and log documents in labeled boxes. Bin storage shelving: Your products may be irregularly shaped or sold in a loose manner such as construction bolts. Storage solutions for these types of products are bin shelving. Storage bins can hold the products and be placed on boltless shelving. There is a storage solution for every type of small business warehouse. Decide on the best storage shelving so your warehouse operations stay on track. Need help selecting the best shelving for your warehouse? Call us toll free at 1-800-966-3999.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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