Get Your Warehouse Holiday Ready

September 26, 2019

Along with the increased revenue your business will enjoy due to the holiday shopping season, comes the difficulty surrounding organizing and sorting the increased inventory you need to store and access during this busy time of year. Thankfully, you can get your warehouse holiday ready by following the tips listed below:

Invest in Good Shelving

Before you make any moves in terms of organizing your back room or storage warehouse, you need to invest in a good shelving system. The professionals at Action Wholesale Products recommend the use of pallet rack shelving systems or bolt-less shelving to organize your stock. Bolt-less shelving is ideal for heavy duty loads, lighter products or inventory not on pallets. In addition, their pallet racking options, which of course implies storage of inventory on pallets, are also a great way to organize your holiday inventory.

Analyze Order Projections

According to experts, holiday-driven businesses can see an increase in their orders up to 50% within the fourth quarter. Therefore, it’s a good idea, if your business does see a big uptick during the holidays, to analyze last year’s sales to get an idea of how much additional inventory you will need. This will allow you to estimate how much increased shelving and/or organizational systems you will need to hold and/or organize said inventory.

Make Sure Equipment is in Good Repair

Another important step to take in order to get your warehouse holiday ready is to make sure all your warehouse equipment is in good working order. Check any and all power conveyors, lift equipment, scanners, vehicles, etc. that you might utilize to access inventory and get it from your warehouse to your customers’ hands. Also, make sure new seasonal employees are trained properly when it comes to handling any and all equipment.

Create a Good Categorizing System For Your Warehouse Inventory

Having inventory to sale isn’t worth much if you or your seasonal employees can’t access it for a customer who wants to buy it, so you need to make sure you have a good inventory organizational system in place before the holiday rush. Each business must determine how to do this in an individualized way. Many today use computer systems to keep track of all inventory numbers and product locations. Some instead opt for the old-fashioned labels on shelves and pallets revealing what products are stored in each location. Either way, you need to have a good, easy-to-understand system in place, before the holidays arrive and brand-new seasonal employees come in attempting to pull stock for clients. Shelving is one of the easiest ways to turn your warehouse from chaos into a well-oiled machine. Invest in them in addition to completing the other tips listed above to ensure your warehouse is holiday ready.

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