Keeping Cannabis Dispensaries Organized with Industrial Shelving Options

October 31, 2018

Part 2: The Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are stocking shelves with a range of products for their clients. Tinctures, gel caps, gummies, oils, topical creams and other items may fill shelves. Keeping your stock well organized with cannabis dispensary storage so that people can find what they need is essential. Having a merchandise management plan allows you to better monitor stock and refill depleted items whenever sales increase. This business plan should go into detail regarding the shelving and storage options that would work best in the front of the store, in the storeroom, and in the administrative office in the backroom.

NSF Wire Shelving for Floor Room Organization

Whether you are organizing products based on type, application or grower brand, you can put products in the right places with NSF wire shelving. NSF wire shelving is often used in the restaurant and medical industries because of the high grade of materials used in its construction. These wire shelves have been NSF approved to provide optimal ventilation and visibility. These shelves can lower the amount of dust accumulation on products due to the open wire design while further promoting cleanliness.

Boltless Shelving Keeps Extra Products Stocked

Running a successful dispensary requires you to always have high demand products stocked on shelves. For cannabis dispensaries that have stock rooms, boltless shelving options can help store excess supplies. These shelves are adjustable and can come with laminate decking to ward of staining from products. You can easily adjust each shelf to accommodate the different sizes and bulkiness of products. If a grow company changes the packaging design for their cannabis item, you can just change the shelf position instead of buying a brand new storage system.

Safely Moving Products with Dollies

Once you have the right shelving on the floor room and the storeroom, you need a way to move products between each area. Dollies in the form of heavy duty service carts, mobile workbench carts, hand dollies and platform dollies can move the products you need based on size, weight and how fragile the items may be. You can safely move multiple products and restock shelves based on customer demand.

Administrative Storage Organization with Archive Boltless Shelving

The administrative office can become just as cluttered as the stockroom and the cannabis dispensary floor room. You have boxes filled with purchase orders, contracts from grower companies, and other documentation. Placing all the paperwork into boxes and then just stacking the boxes on shelves can eat up office space. Archive boltless shelves in the office can keep paper documents and files in a secure location and neatly organized.

Plastic Bins for Storing Small Parts and Product

Plastic bins are perfect for small part like nuts and bolts. But they are also a great choice for vape cartridges, pens, mylar bags, cone tubes, humidity packs and all the other supplies a dispensary or smoke shop may need. The bins are heavy duty and stackable. With many sizes to choose from, they are perfect for organization and space-saving storage. Operating a cannabis dispensary  or vape shop requires having products always available for customers. Yet you can fall behind in stocking merchandise on shelves, organizing storerooms, and finding the right paperwork in cluttered offices. Keep your business running smoothly with these storage and shelving options from Action Wholesale Products. Request a catalog to see our huge shelving inventory selection at the lowest guaranteed rates.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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