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DIY Home Projects with Affordable Shelving Solutions

While we are sure that things are not business as usual for you, we do have a few ideas for projects that you can do while social distancing or home isolating that we may be able to help you with.

Finally getting all of those papers into clearly labeled boxes and stacked neatly on shelves may do wonders for your psyche as you enjoy a feeling of accomplishment that will benefit your office at least until next tax season. Check out our selection of Boltless Archive Shelving for systems that could work well for this project.

Whether it’s your home garage or shared warehouse space, getting organized and making space to work can be inspiring. Check out our selection of Storage Bins to get things put away, then browse our boltless workbenches to see which might be a good fit for your project space.

Restaurants, breweries, and wineries are just a few of the types of businesses that have been hit hard. Is it a good item to replace that rusty shelving while things are slow? If so, check out our NSF selection.

Whether you take on one of the projects above or have your own in mind, we are here to help if needed.


How and Why to Incorporate Pallet Racking into Your Small Sized Warehouse

Every warehouse faces challenges making the best use of the available space, and this is especially true when working in a smaller sized warehouse. The space may feel adequate for most of the year, but at times, perhaps when sales and orders are at a higher level than ordinary, the usable space isn’t well optimized.

In those types of situations, it’s easy for a warehouse to become overcrowded and messy because there’s no room for everything to have its own designated area. There are several ways to address the problem, but designing and utilizing an efficient pallet racking system is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase the usable area of a warehouse without incurring the additional costs of having to rent or buy more square footage.

pallet racks small warehouse

Maximizing Available Space

Pallet racking allows for materials to be stored all the way up to the ceiling with access by a forklift. Simply adding one higher stack effectively doubles the storage area a warehouse can maintain, and three or four tiers of stackable pallet shelving can likewise triple or quadruple the efficiency of a warehouse. When only storing one level of pallets, all the extra room between the top of the pallet’s contents and the ceiling is being wasted when more product could potentially be stored there.

Maintaining Order with an Organized Storage System

Maintaining order in a smaller warehouse not only allows the area to function more efficiently by allowing workers to find needed product quickly but is also a safety measure. When pathways are blocked it makes it difficult for a forklift driver to see people on foot. Clutter also makes preparing shipments harder when staff has to search for boxes stored behind other boxes. Make employee workflow easier by maintaining both ordered pathways and an organized storage system.

Smaller warehouses simply cannot afford to waste space. Pallet racks allow for floor to ceiling storage, improving efficiency and organization, and delaying buy or rent more space.


5 Tricks to Organize Your Warehouse for the New Year

warehouse organization tips

Sometimes disorganization sneaks up on even the most prepared of people. At first, the chaos may seem manageable until all of a sudden, you’re spending more time searching for things than you are handling them. January 1 is ultimately just another day, but it seems like a good deadline to make for getting your warehouse […]


Getting the Job Done for the California Fire Department

When a busy southern California fire department needed help storing and organizing their equipment, Action Wholesale Products was there to get the job done.

Fire departments have to store and maintain a wide variety of equipment of all different sizes and storage needs. At the same time, they have to have easy access to their equipment, know where to find it, and get at it quickly.

The Challenge and the Solution

This fire department found itself running out of storage space, and what they did have to work with used shelving that was getting old and unstable. It was still sufficient for some things, but not for the heavier equipment. They needed a solution, one that would fit within their limited budget.

They chose to purchase a 40 foot shipping container and outfit it with new shelving. They required that the new shelves be easily configured to meet a variety of needs, be low-cost yet high quality, and have the ability to be securely attached to the container walls. They also wanted shelves with a highly durable melamine finish that would stand up to abuse, resist stains and dirt, and be easy to clean.

When they started shopping around for vendors, they found that most of them simply couldn’t provide what they were looking for. They either didn’t have the versatility they needed, were too expensive, carried inferior products, or a combination of all of the above.

Action Wholesale Products Comes Through

They finally chose Action Wholesale Products as the vendor with the shelving they were looking for at the right price, with a quick delivery time and good customer service.

With the expert help of our sales team, they decided to purchase eight 72” x 60” x 24” shelving units that could be easily attached and had the required melamine finish. In addition, they ordered four black wire shelving carts to handle a variety of equipment storage that could be easily moved.

This being the first time the fire department had worked with Action Wholesale Products, they weren’t sure what to expect as far as service and whether AWP would deliver as promised. They were pleased to find that AWP had all of their purchases in stock, and within three business days they had their shelves on the premises and ready to install. They chose to install the shelves in the shipping container themselves, and found that the hangers used on these products were easy to work with and securely held the shelves to the sides, more than strong enough to hold the heaviest equipment they planned to store on them.

Another Happy Customer

Overall, the fire department was quite happy with their shelves and their service. Said their Chief, “Melody at Action Wholesale Products was very pleasant to work with the entire time despite some technicalities on our part due to government regulations and purchasing policies. She was patient and prompt with correspondence.”


The Action Wholesale Products Low Price Guarantee

When it comes to purchasing industrial shelving for your warehouse, you might think that the suppliers are a dime a dozen. The truth is, there are a lot of different factors that separate the best warehouse shelving suppliers, such as Action Wholesale Products, from the rest of the bunch.

So just what is the Action Wholesale Products difference? Here’s a look:

Everyday unbeatable pricing on shelving

Warehouse managers strive to keep revenue high and expenses low. With over 35 years of experience, we know how important cost is, especially when it comes to storage solutions. That’s why our prices aren’t just low at certain times of the year; they’re low all day, every day. We offer true wholesale prices on a wide variety of industrial shelving and warehouse storage solutions. Our low price guarantee states that if you find another catalog with a better price than ours including freight, we will beat that price by 20 percent. Have a written quote from a competitor? We’ll beat it by 10 percent. While others claim to have low prices, we can guarantee them.

Top-notch delivery services

Unlike some commercial storage suppliers who contract out freight services, we use our own trucks and our own drivers. This better ensures that your order arrives on time and undamaged. Take a look at our delivery Southern California free delivery schedule to areas including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernadino, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego.

Extensive Commercial Shelving inventory

Our Anaheim Warehouse stocks a vast inventory such as boltless shelving, pallet racking, bulk rack, cantilever, archive storage, and many other types of shelving & warehouse supplies. With an inventory as large as ours, you’ll be hard pressed to not find what it is that you’re looking for a t a great price. Better yet, all orders ship directly from our warehouse in a timely manner so you get your order quickly.

Action Wholesale Products has over 35 years of experience and over 50,000 satisfied customers. To see the Action Wholesale Products difference for yourself, start by checking out our pricing comparison sheet and look at how our offerings stack up with the rest of the competition. Contact us at 1-800-966-3999 to speak with our experienced staff who can assist you with finding the right shelving solution for your warehouse or store.

Pricing for Warehouse Shelving


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At Action Wholesale Products, customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities, along with providing the best prices around on industrial shelving. With over 35 years of experience in the commercial shelving industry, we have the expertise required to ensure that our customers get the proper products required for their warehouse or storage facility. We […]


The Action Wholesale Products Difference

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owner with a warehouse or a warehouse manager; the fact is that you need someplace to store your inventory. And while it’s understandable that industrial shelving units might not be the most fun thing to shop for, the right solution is crucial to the well-being of your products.

The Action Wholesale Products DifferenceThat’s where our 35-plus years of experience at Action Wholesale Products comes into play – our professionals make selecting the right rack and industrial shelving for your warehouse affordable, easy and, you might even say, enjoyable. Here’s a look at some other aspects of what we call “the Action Wholesale Products Difference”:

  • Pricing: Bottom line is everything to a business. That’s why we’re focused on giving you the best price possible for your new shelving solution. Our prices are up to 60 percent off the manufacturer’s list price. Ask us more about our low price guarantee.
  • Free Delivery: Are you in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego, Ventura, Riverside or San Bernardino? Then any $400 rack shelving or industrial shelving purchase you make with us qualifies for free delivery. Ask us more about this value-added benefit!
  • Shipment: Speaking of delivery, we’ll deliver your solution right to your warehouse in our very own trucks, offering you greater security and faster shipment.
  • Experience: Did we mention we have over 35 years worth of experience in this industry? You can shop with confidence with us, as we’ve been around the block a few times. Our live operators are standing by, both over the phone as well as in our online chatting platform. Need help setting up your equipment? Check out our commercial shelving video tutorials on our website.
  • Large Inventory: It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have to worry about anything being out of stock when you do business with us. That’s because we pride ourselves on a huge inventory of anything you could ever desire when it comes to shelving.

So why would you go anywhere else when you can have the Action Wholesale Products Difference? For more information and to browse our inventory, visit our online store!