Boltless Shelving


Streamline Your Cannabis Warehouse Operations with Industrial Shelving

Part 1: The Cannabis Warehouse

With laws changing across the country and around the world, cannabis dispensaries and grow houses are popping up to provide medical and recreational marijuana to citizens. As your business grows in this rapidly thriving industry, you will want to create the optimal environment to run your day-to-day operations, including functional shelving and storage.

Unlike a traditional product warehouse that stores electronics, appliances or toys; a cannabis growing warehouse requires shelving solutions much like a greenhouse storing flowers or food plants. The marijuana plants require adequate light, water and care. Here at Action Wholesale Products, we provide a range of shelving and storage solutions to commercial businesses in the cannabis industry. Here are several shelving solutions for your operations.

Wire Shelving for a Durable Growing Environment

Cannabis plants require a more open environment to receive sunlight and space for leaves to grow. Boxed in shelving  hampers growth. Wire shelving can provide your plants with the optimal shelving solution. Sunlight and air can pass through the wire while the shelves are strong enough to handle the weight of the pots and hydration systems. The wire shelves can be stationary, or they can be made as carts with casters to easily move plants to different locations based on plant sizes and needs.

Functional Rolling Ladders and Carts to Provide Plant Care

Taking plants down from taller shelves to provide care isn’t usually a feasible system as it can take too much time moving each pot one at a time. Functional rolling ladders allow you to provide care to each plant without moving it to another work location. Made with high quality 1″ steel tube, our ladder is both lightweight and durable as it can handle hours of use.
In addition to rolling ladders, rolling carts allow you to move supplies, potted plants, and harvested plants to different areas of the building. These carts can increase productivity so that you can increase profits.

cannabis grow house shelving storage

Space-Saving Boltless Shelving for Flexible Storage

For cannabis warehouses that will have sprinkler systems and ultraviolet lights mounted to shelves, you want shelving that can be customized to your plants’ needs. Boltless shelving can have added shelves for smaller plantings, or you can remove shelves when plants grow bigger to provide more storage space. Different types of shelf material are available, such as laminated particleboard, which is water-resistant.

Storage Cabinets to Promote a Safe Environment

You’ll be storing a lot of other items such as plant food, fertilizers, gloves, spades and other tools. A storage cabinet can keep the dispensary and grow house organized, compliant with regulations, and safe so workers do not trip over items left out on the floor. All the tools can be easily located in one spot for ease of use.

When it comes to having the best storage and shelving options for your cannabis business, you want simple storage solutions and easy-to-assemble shelves so you can get operations running smoothly. Action Wholesale Products has what you need as we offer industrial shelving items at guaranteed low prices. Call us or use our live chat feature to get started!


Industrial Shelving Products: Not Just for the Warehouse

Warehouses use a wide range of industrial shelving products, work benches, mesh containers and all-welded storage cabinets to keep inventory organized for fast picking and packing processes. Yet smaller commercial organizations, and even homeowners, can benefit from using commercial shelving options. Home garages, breweries, drop shippers, subscription box companies and the cannabis industry can take advantage of the benefits of commercial bulk shelving and other items.

Shelving for Movability and Different Item Sizes

Sometimes space can be limited for commercial businesses that don’t have a dedicated warehouse to store inventory. Also, due to the tight space, your operations can be hampered when offering different product lines at certain times of the year, such as a brewery who makes seasonal craft beer and needs to move around inventory.

Movable shelving options such as boltless shelving can be equipped with rollers as you can move the shelves to where they need to be. In addition, the shelves use a boltless technology to allow for quick adjustments. You can make the shelves higher for larger items or shorter for small items to allow for more shelves to be added.

industrial shelving for home garage

Table Space for Work and Garage Products

Whether you are preparing subscription boxes for customers, or working on a craft project for the home, having a place to work is essential. Our industrial workbenches provide the necessary table space at the desired height. You can adjust the top of the workbench to accommodate your needs when you want to sit or stand at the bench.

We offer different types of table surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, plastic or steel depending on the application that will be performed. Having a workbench constructed with durable, heavy duty steel legs and even a double shelf will allow you to use the workbench for long productive periods. Plus, we carry heavy duty seating to ensure you’re working ergonomically. Our office stools feature adjustable back rests and casters.

Getting Shipments Moving with Cabinet Capabilities

Drop shippers don’t have to be left out of the organization possibilities offered by industrial shelving. Although you are not keeping any physical inventory on premises, you are keeping manufacturer and customer orders on hand to get items shipped to the right places. This process can involve using both a digital and physical file storage system to keep brochures, customer orders, and manufacturer product guides available.

To keep this paper order documents, brochures and technical specifications safe, you can use all-welded storage cabinets with locking handles. Store all your sensitive information away on the heavy duty storage shelves while easily accessing the documents when needed.

Commercial Bulk Shelving for Your Business and Residential Needs

Bulk shelving is designed to handle the rigorous operations found in industrial warehouses. Yet a smaller commercial business or residential homeowner can take advantage of these same shelving solutions to have superior shelving, workbenches and cabinets available for your tasks.

Action Wholesale Products has a complete selection of heavy-duty materials for your office, home and warehouse needs! Call us or use our live chat today for help choosing the right products for your workspace.


Boltless Shelving: When and Why Your Business Should Use It

At the risk of hurting our bottom line, we have to say that boltless shelving won’t be the answer to every storage challenge. Unlike pallet racking, it’s made, for the most part, to handle smaller items and bulky or oddly shaped products. And it’s in this role that it really shines.

There are at least five reasons you should choose boltless (or rivet) shelving over other options:

  • Low cost
  • Ease of assembly
  • Durability
  • Customization capabilities
  • Efficiency in locating products

Using boltless shelving keeps costs down

Using rivet shelving saves money, time and space, all of which fall into the category of costs. For example:

  • Storing pallet racking takes up a lot more space than storing boltless shelving, so you keep more area clear for storing products.
  • Other shelving simply costs more up front, so you begin saving before you’ve stored anything.
  • Because it’s easy to put together, rivet shelving saves time which, as everyone knows, is money.

Shelving assembly is simplicity itself

Good design is paramount, when it comes to shelving, and rivet shelving is designed to go up fast and easy. Here’s how:

  • It requires just one tool: something to knock the rivets into place.
  • You can adjust the shelves in 1.5-inch increments, so you have the flexibility to set up the most efficient storage configuration

boltless shelving with bins

The unit pictured above offers flexible storage for less than $300!

Boltless storage units are made to last

It might be meant to handle lighter loads, but that doesn’t mean rivet shelving can’t carry a burden. Consider these facts:

  • The shelving is constructed of steel for sturdiness.
  • With the addition of supports, the load can be increased significantly. With little effort, you can achieve a unit capacity of up to 2,000 lbs.

Flexible boltless units meet many storage needs

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your storage units to fit changing needs at the drop of a hat? It’s possible with boltless units. They’re more open to customization before and after you install them. Here’s why:

  • You can have the shelving units made to order. If you know what you need to fit your requirements, you can have your shelving system custom designed. Need a certain number of levels? Fine. Want units of a specific height? No problem.
  • And don’t forget: the shelves are adjustable. You can move them to accommodate products of virtually any size.
  • Boltless shelving is so flexible and adaptable that it works well in homes, small businesses and multi-acre warehouses.

High visibility makes finding products easy

Why waste time searching for a particular widget hidden among a hundred other widgets when you can find it right away because you can see it right away? Boltless shelving:

  • Lets you store everything in plain sight. There are no hiding places in pallets or bins.
  • Makes order picking more efficient, faster and more cost-effective.

Choosing the right storage option for the job

If there’s a lesson to be learned here—aside from the one about how rivet shelving can save you time and money—it’s that you should consider your storage options carefully. Otherwise, you can wind up with an option that doesn’t give you what you need and costs more than you should have spent.

For more information about boltless shelving systems and other shelving options, visit or call 800. 966.3999. To order the pictured unit, ask for items QUS270B and 3-84W7224WH. We offer free shipping on orders of $400 or more. Certain exclusions apply.


5 Tips for Setting Up Your Shelving Units

Whether you run an e-commerce store or just have a very active garage, your shelving units could likely stand a little reorganization. Planning out each square foot of space will take time, but ultimately it will save you time over the long run. Use these five tips to get more out your space.

1. High Vs. Low-Flow

Juggernauts like Ikea and Amazon put all their efforts into high-flow warehouses, and you should be applying the same concept to your space. High-flow items are the ones you use the most often, so they require the bulk of your time and resources. Keep these high-flow items in mind if you’re planning to buy any type of gadgetry. No matter how elaborate or simple your space, the low-flow items should get as little attention as possible.

2. Think Up

Vertical storage units give you more space to work with, and it’s one of the best ways to avoid having to buy extra space for your warehouse. It may throw a wrench into the way you currently access your items, but the adjustment will be worth it.


3. Practice Flexibility

Warehouses change over time, and too many warehouses just develop workarounds for those changes rather than coming up with sustainable solutions. Instead of trying to cram a new product into a too small space, consider how you can plan your warehouse to be flexible enough to fully support what’s in demand.

4. Consider the Weight

If the weight isn’t distributed evenly across the shelves, you risk collapse or an unsustainable amount of sway. Anyone who works with the shelves should have a good understanding of how each shift in weight affects the rest of the inventory. It’s especially common for newcomers to a warehouse to make a mistake when it comes to loading. Ensure you account for all the weight the shelving will bear before ordering the units.

5. Upkeep Is Critical

Even the most advanced technology or shelf set-up can’t stop the accumulation of junk on your shelves. No matter how fool-proof your system is, it will still take a lot of work to keep it all together. Odd circumstances will arise where things have to out of place for a time. The key is to take care of misplaced items right away.


For Office Storage that Is Easy to Assemble, Boltless Shelving is the Answer

Whether you have an abundance of office supplies that need to be stored, or you have paper records piling up, it’s important to have quality storage in place to keep everything organized. Boltless shelving is perfect for the office because it is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. It’s heavy duty, and most shelves can hold up to 800 pounds. The holding capacity and ease of assembly make boltless shelving essential for any storage space.

Shelving to Fit in Any Space

One of the best things about boltless shelving is how easy it is to customize to fit in any space. Whether you are setting up an office gym and you need storage for equipment, or you want to change a closet into a storage area for heavy boxes of paper, you can choose a shelving system that fits the parameters of the area you want to utilize. Whether your shelving is customized, or you choose from the standard sizes, this will make any room into a solid storage space that can hold heavy supplies.

If You Need to Archive Paper Records

Heavy, thick paper records can be a nightmare to store. If you need to archive a number of records and you haven’t invested in a system, the archive boltless system is perfect for getting paper relics out of your office and into proper storage until you can finally destroy them for good. As some records need to be kept for many years, it’s important to have a system where you can access these records if necessary.

While you may be able to find a number of storage solutions, few work as well as the sturdy, dependable boltless shelving. It’s versatile, and despite not needing any tools, bolts, or screws, the shelving is incredibly strong and does not fall apart. This shelving will stand up to years of use, and it’s a great fit for anywhere you need to organize heavy objects. Whether you are trying to get your files in order, or you have a commercial kitchen that needs storage, you can find the perfect storage solution for all of your needs when you invest in a boltless shelving system.


Organize Business Records For Optimal Archival Retrieval

Archive Shelving UnitsThroughout the business world, data is collected that is needed to run and track daily operations. Reports of current sales, forecast reports, employees’ work hours and inventory lists of available stock in warehouses are just some of the records that a business might need to sort. You may also collect data reports for document creation and store customer information. For many businesses, keeping these documents as virtual files in computer networks, as well as, physical records that are stored in warehouses and storage facilities is standard practice.

Unfortunately, the number of files and documents your business creates can be enormous. Without a proper archival storage system set up, workers end up stacking boxes on top of each other as the boxes pile up in corners. This situation makes it more difficult to retrieve the required physical files when needed, leads to misfiled records, and may accidentally cause the wrong files to be destroyed. Studies have shown that anywhere from 3 percent to 5 percent of records become lost or misplaced at any given time, and that workers can waste an average of 2 hours looking for the misplaced records or spend up to $180 recreating a one-page document.

No manager wants to put out an SOS memo to the rest of the staff over a missing employee who became lost in the piles of documents in the storage room as they tried to find that one important file. Finding storage solutions that can reduce the amount of misplaced and missing files (or workers searching for such files) can become paramount to your operations.

Smarter Archive Organization Starts with Better Storage Options

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce wasted productivity and document re-creation costs is to analyze current archival shelving organization. Archive shelving allows for your business to keep records off the ground, especially helpful in buildings where records are stored in basements that can get flooded. This shelving provides better organization solutions, as boxes of documents can be grouped and shelved in specific locations based on importance and how often the information is used. You can better utilize available storage space for different size locations, such as rooms that are narrow with high ceilings or storage spaces that are wide but with low ceilings. We offer two types of record management shelving options: Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving.

Rivet System® Archive Shelving

These shelving systems are ideal for organizations that store smaller batches of records or will store these files for shorter lengths of time. Rivet System® Shelving Systems don’t require nuts, screws or bolts to assemble so office workers can easily set up and tear down these units. Archive shelving systems can hold 100 standard archive boxes and come in several storage depths to allow for double box stacking.

Bulk Archive Shelving

Bulk Archive Shelving can be used in organizations where they are managing and storing large amounts of physical documents and files. This shelving option can hold 140 archive boxes that are standard size and allows for add-on units to be attached when your storage needs increase. You can double stack boxes on bulk archive shelving for more storage capacity and still be able to easily retrieve files.

At Action Wholesale Products, we offer Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving at the lowest prices guaranteed. Before making a purchase, evaluate your current record management system. By understanding your record storage needs, how workers will retrieve files and the amount of time you will be storing these records, you can decide on the right types of archival shelving organization for your warehouse or storage facility. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you in selecting the right shelves as well.


Get Your Warehouse Organized in 2016 with Boltless Shelving

The hectic holiday season is over as 2016 heralds a new year of increased sales for small businesses, retailers and manufactures. Yet to start out the new year right, your warehouse may need a major overhaul. Organizing your warehouse with boltless shelving can make a major difference as you will be able to get orders fulfilled efficiently and meet production deadlines while controlling inventory costs.

Boltless Shelving is the Optimal Solution for Warehouse Space Optimization

A place for everything with every product, tool, part and other item stashed in its proper place is the ultimate goal of any warehouse manager. Yet no matter how you arrange the items, if you have inferior shelving then your order picking will suffer from unsafe working conditions, slow work productivity, and the increased possibility of products becoming damaged.

Boltless shelving offers a ton of options for business owners and warehouse managers looking for better organization and productivity in their warehouses. These shelves easily optimize available space as employees can quickly assemble the shelves and move them into place without the use of special tools. You can cut down on the rate of downtime to organize your warehouse with these easy-to-assemble shelves made from durable materials. Quickly change the height of shelves that can support the weight of the products as the shelves can accommodate a range of different inventory sizes.

Why Warehouse Organization and Boltless Shelving is so Important

Without an organized warehouse, you risk the chance of misplacing items for months and even years as the products become obsolete. Then your warehouse staff has to deal with less space to organize your remaining product lines into productive picking zones for maximum order fulfillment because these obsolete products are in their way.

Having an organizational plan in place and using boltless shelving lets your warehouse staff stock products in the right places to meet customer demand. An organized warehouse also allows you to lower the number of workplace related accidents. Clearing out aisles that can become clogged with boxes will help workers shift stock without tripping on objects on the cluttered floor.

A wide range of business industries have already taken advantage of the benefits offered by versatile boltless shelving. Contact Action Wholesale Products to find out how our shelves can increase warehouse productivity for your business.


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