Top 5 Warehouse Shelving Safety Tips

March 11, 2015

Safety is a priority in any warehouse and it’s important to have proper industrial shelving in place that can withstand the weight of products and constant activity that this type of environment sustains. Here are 5 Tips for Warehouse Shelving Safety

  • Item placement. Mapping out where you want your shelves to be installed is something that should be done in advance. Draw out a rough sketch of where your shelves will go and what will be placed on them. Consider the height of your shelves, the proximity within each other, and how easily accessible they will be for the safety of you and your employees.
  • Secure your shelves. Commercial shelving is often meant to store bulkier items and therefore, must be durable enough to hold heavier weights, but also built in a way where they will not tip or sway. Choose the material of your shelving based on what you want to store or use wall mounting brackets to secure the shelves in place.
  • Do not exceed weight. Although warehouse shelving is designed for the bulk of items stored on it, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Heed the weight limits associated with your shelves and don’t overload them. This will help both with safety and the organization of your work area.
  • Repair as needed. Heavy duty shelving is designed to last a long time if they are maintained properly, but when shelves become damaged or have not been braced efficiently, it’s best to replace or repair them as soon as possible to avoid accidents.
  • Do research. Our inventory offers a wide range of shelving units fit for all warehouse needs, but each project requires specific types of shelves, a certain number of units, and a space limitation that will differ on a case-by-case basis.

  • A warehouse is a work space that requires attention to safety for anyone who walks through it, but especially for people who work in it every day. Selecting quality products and setting them up securely helps prevent disasters from occurring. With our 30+ years of industry experience, we can help you determine your commercial shelving needs and help you feel confident in their setup.

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