Pallet Rack Shelving Tips

July 31, 2015

Warehouse organization requires innovate solutions. Pallet racks are the necessary shelving to keep products stacked in an organized manner for easy retrieval. These storage racks are a bit different from other warehouse shelving as a forklift can load and unload large wooden pallets of products directly onto the shelves. If you have ordered pallet rack shelving for your warehouse, here are several important tips to keep in mind when installing the shelving.

1. Ensure Proper Load Handling For The Pallet Rack

Take into consideration the type of product you are ordering and how that product is packaged for delivery. You want the shelves to accommodate the height and width of the products when they are packaged in multiple bundles on the pallet rack. In addition, also take into consideration the weight. You not only want to account for the weight of the packaged bundle of products, but also the wooden pallets that the products will be shipped on.

2. Install Warehouse Shelving Properly

Following the manufacturer’s instructions is vital to ensure the storage racks are set up in the right manner to avoid possible collapse or tip overs. If you install the shelving incorrectly, it could pose a serious safety hazard to all of your workers. Check out the instructions and follow them to the letter to ensure that each pallet rack is installed properly and securely in your warehouse. We also have several easy-to-follow assembly video for pallet racks.

3. Review forklift safety

All workers should be trained to properly use the forklift to prevent accidents when lifting products onto warehouse shelving. Provide constant training and resources for every forklift operator and warehouse employee who will be working on the floor near forklifts. Not only do you have to ensure that forklift operators understand the machines that they operate, but the warehouse staff has to understand how to keep safe while the forklifts are moving and lifting pallets across the floor.

4: Required Spacing Between Each Pallet Rack

When installing pallet rack shelving, keep in mind that installing racks too close to one another will not allow forklifts to place pallets on shelves or allow them to maneuver down aisles. Consider the amount of space to place between each pallet rack to allow forklifts to move around the shelving efficiently. Our staff can evaluate your warehouse space to help you determine the appropriate layout so you can have the right amount of shelves for products while still having the space required for your staff to reach the items. Action Wholesale Products has the storage rack you are looking for to organize your warehouse. Check out our vast inventory to find the pallet rack shelving that is right for your business.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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