Organize with Boltless Shelving

January 12, 2016

The hectic holiday season is over as 2016 heralds a new year of increased sales for small businesses, retailers and manufactures. Yet to start out the new year right, your warehouse may need a major overhaul. You need to Organize with Boltless Shelving. Organizing your warehouse with boltless shelving can make a major difference as you will be able to get orders fulfilled efficiently and meet production deadlines while controlling inventory costs.

Boltless Shelving is the Optimal Solution for Warehouse Space Optimization

A place for everything with every product, tool, part and other item stashed in its proper place is the ultimate goal of any warehouse manager. Yet no matter how you arrange the items, if you have inferior shelving then your order picking will suffer from unsafe working conditions, slow work productivity, and the increased possibility of products becoming damaged. Boltless shelving offers a ton of options for business owners and warehouse managers looking for better organization and productivity in their warehouses. These shelves easily optimize available space as employees can quickly assemble the shelves and move them into place without the use of special tools. You can cut down on the rate of downtime to organize your warehouse with these easy-to-assemble shelves made from durable materials. Quickly change the height of shelves that can support the weight of the products as the shelves can accommodate a range of different inventory sizes.

Why Warehouse Organization and Boltless Shelving is so Important

Without an organized warehouse, you risk the chance of misplacing items for months and even years as the products become obsolete. Then your warehouse staff has to deal with less space to organize your remaining product lines into productive picking zones for maximum order fulfillment because these obsolete products are in their way. Having an organizational plan in place and using Boltless Shelving lets your warehouse staff stock products in the right places to meet customer demand. An organized warehouse also allows you to lower the number of workplace related accidents. Clearing out aisles that can become clogged with boxes will help workers shift stock without tripping on objects on the cluttered floor. A wide range of business industries have already taken advantage of the benefits offered by versatile boltless shelving. Contact Action Wholesale Products to find out how our shelves can increase warehouse productivity for your business.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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