Warehouse Storage Solutions

January 23, 2017

When your company grows and begins to build out new warehouses, it’s an exciting time as you see the concept become a reality. To some extent you’re going to expand on what you know worked in the smaller warehouse while upgrading daily operations to accommodate the new storage space, shelving solutions, and logistics of larger inventories while customizing the structure to suit your needs.

Shelving Solutions

Selecting the appropriate shelving to safely and efficiently store your inventory is of paramount importance. This is a great opportunity to assess what did and did not work well in your former warehouse. Working with a shelving expert who has assisted other organizations with warehouse relocation can mean the difference between success and disaster. You can also take a look at our suggestions for moving into new shelving units without interrupting business operations. With over 37 years of experience in the industrial shelving business, our representatives can help you make informed decisions on purchasing the correct storage solutions and maximize productivity within your space.

Material Movement

The efficiency of your warehouse relies on your ability to move items around as needed. Hand trucks are a basic essential that allows employees to move more than an armload of items at once. Even if you use forklifts for larger projects, a pallet jack is going to come in handy for quick placement of items according to need. Carts of all different shapes and sizes offer specific uses according to your needs, and every warehouse needs to have a few different carts to maintain their daily function.

Work Benches and Stools

Work benches have a simple explanation and practical use, even if you don’t realize the need for one. You have employees who spend 8-12 hours every day in that warehouse, they need a safe place to conduct work. It may be as simple as changing the blades in a razor knife. They may need to tighten a loosened cart part, or repair a broken tool. A work bench and stools can also serve as a desk when papers need to be signed with a shipping agent. There is no way to predict every usage it will see, but a functioning warehouse needs a workbench and stools as part of daily operations. Our experienced team members can assist you in selecting the solutions that will work best for your new warehouse. Please use our online chat feature or give us a call to speak with a support representative and find the best warehouse solution for you at the best price, guaranteed.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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