The Right Heavy-Duty Shelving for Your Needs

February 23, 2017

Disorganized Warehouses Waste Time, Space, and Manpower

Warehouses that are chock full of products and warehouses that have limited amounts of empty space gain immensely from an efficient warehouse layout. An efficient layout pays dividends by allowing easy access to storage and inventory. No two warehouses are the same and each has unique shelving needs. Heavy-duty shelving allows for the best use of available space by offering vertical storage and convenient access. This gives employees the ability to give a quick response and incomparable customer service. Heavy duty is more than a description of how much a shelf will hold. It is a descriptive term acknowledging the durability and years of service available from heavy-duty shelving.

Creating Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses can suffer from lackluster operations even when, and sometimes especially when, business is booming. These diminished operations can be caused by too much stock or inventory that languishes in a warehouse. Slowed operations can also be traced to a poorly executed warehouse design that leaves items stored on loading docks, in warehouse aisles, and in other inappropriate places. This practice has a negative impact on warehouse operations and safety. Using the right shelving and storage units throughout a warehouse is the only way to get the storage facility organized. For example, for smaller parts or stock, using shelves with color coded storage bins will allow employees to quickly visually identify the area they should look in for the desired product.

Types of Heavy-Duty Shelving

Action Wholesale Products has a large selection of heavy duty shelving stocked (and organized) in our Southern California warehouse. We offer many types of heavy-duty shelving that includes: • Boltless shelving – Flexible storage solution and easy installation with just a rubber mallet. • Pallet Rack – Store pallets of products on these shelves made with 14 gauge steel. • Bulk Rack Shelving – Made specifically to store heavy and bulky items. Action Wholesale Products of Anaheim California has the shelving systems proficiency that helps your company find the right answers to your warehouse heavy duty shelving needs. Call us now at 800-966-3999 or use our online contact form. We serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County & Riverside County as the #1 local Industrial Warehouse Shelving and Industrial Equipment Supplier.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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