5 Tricks to Organize Your Warehouse for the New Year

November 21, 2017

Sometimes disorganization sneaks up on even the most prepared of people. At first, the chaos may seem manageable until all of a sudden, you’re spending more time searching for things than you are handling them. January 1 is ultimately just another day, but it seems like a good deadline to make for getting your warehouse organized again.

1.  Invest in Ergonomic Equipment

Employees will never stick to your organizational rules if they’re not comfortable while they work. Ergonomic equipment can make it easier for everyone to do their jobs by reducing physical and mental frustration. While this equipment is likely to be a significant upfront cost to the warehouse, it’s generally a smarter long-term investment. It reduces worker injuries and it speeds up efficiency in daily tasks as well.

2. Reduce Your Waste

Clutter around the warehouse will drag down operations every time. Any items you have no need for should either be donated, recycled, or thrown away. You should also make a pledge for the upcoming year to green your warehouse operations by reusing as much as possible.  Many warehouses throw things away after only one use when it’s clear they could be saving money with just a little more forethought.

3. Implement Pallet Racking

If your warehouse doesn’t currently rack its pallets, then you may want to reconsider. The focus on vertical stacking over horizontal is so effective that it can often save companies from having to buy more space. It’s not going to be an easy fix, but it’s necessary if your warehouse is starting to get out of control.

4. Create a Better Flow Path

If employees can’t maneuver the way they need to, they’ll end up creating their own solutions that waste time and increase the odds of a warehouse accident occurring. Look at ways you can alter the flow path, so there’s enough room to do what needs to be done. Listen to employee suggestions about how best to arrange the stock. They should have some insight after working with product day in and day out.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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