Fire Dept Storage Efficiency

December 9, 2015

When a busy southern California fire department needed help storing and organizing their equipment, Action Wholesale Products was there to get the job done. It’s all about achieving the Fire Department Storage Efficiency! Fire departments have to store and maintain a wide variety of equipment of all different sizes and storage needs. At the same time, they have to have easy access to their equipment, know where to find it, and get at it quickly.

The Challenge and the Solution

This fire department found itself running out of storage space, and what they did have to work with used shelving that was getting old and unstable. It was still sufficient for some things, but not for the heavier equipment. They needed a solution, one that would fit within their limited budget. They chose to purchase a 40 foot shipping container and outfit it with new shelving. They required that the new shelves be easily configured to meet a variety of needs, be low-cost yet high quality, and have the ability to be securely attached to the container walls. They also wanted shelves with a highly durable melamine finish that would stand up to abuse, resist stains and dirt, and be easy to clean. When they started shopping around for vendors, they found that most of them simply couldn’t provide what they were looking for. They either didn’t have the versatility they needed, were too expensive, carried inferior products, or a combination of all of the above.

Action Wholesale Products Comes Through

They finally chose Action Wholesale Products as the vendor with the shelving they were looking for at the right price, with a quick delivery time and good customer service. With the expert help of our sales team, they decided to purchase eight 72” x 60” x 24” shelving units that could be easily attached and had the required melamine finish. In addition, they ordered four black wire shelving carts to handle a variety of equipment storage that could be easily moved. This being the first time the fire department had worked with Action Wholesale Products, they weren’t sure what to expect as far as service and whether AWP would deliver as promised. They were pleased to find that AWP had all of their purchases in stock, and within three business days they had their shelves on the premises and ready to install. They chose to install the shelves in the shipping container themselves, and found that the hangers used on these products were easy to work with and securely held the shelves to the sides, more than strong enough to hold the heaviest equipment they planned to store on them.

Another Happy Customer

Overall, the fire department was quite happy with their shelves and their service. Said their Chief, “Melody at Action Wholesale Products was very pleasant to work with the entire time despite some technicalities on our part due to government regulations and purchasing policies. She was patient and prompt with correspondence.”  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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