4 Signs You’re Ready for More Warehouse Space

March 16, 2018

Are your pick and pack aisles getting hard to navigate? Is the shipping department spilling over into the office? Sometimes, a warehouse just needs to be reorganized to provide extra storage, but other times you simply need more space. If the warehouse space is losing functionality or becoming unsafe, these are signs you need a larger warehouse.

Worker Zones are Less Defined

When there is no designated space for specific tasks, you probably need more warehouse space. It can become confusing when outgoing orders and incoming product stock are managed in the same area. Likewise, when packing is being conducted on the floor by the shipping dock, that’s a good sign you don’t have enough room to perform the separate functions of a warehouse efficiently and independently of each other.

Aisles are Cluttered

When aisles are cluttered because there is not enough space to store products other than by leaving it on the floor, the problem is more than an issue of not having enough storage space. Employee safety is a factor to take into consideration, and no job is a safe working environment when the floor is covered with clutter and workers can’t safely reach the areas they need access to in order to perform their job duties.

Employees Cannot Get to Items They Need

No one can do their job well when they spend more time rearranging their work area than they do performing their assigned tasks. Items have to be stored appropriately within a well-designed system which allows for them to be easily identified and retrieved when they are needed. Mezzanines help elevate some product while leaving extra room on the warehouse floor below.

Workspaces are Cluttered

Arguably more frustrating than clutter throughout the building is a cluttered work area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desk or a workbench, when stuff is in the way you can’t do your job. A combined bench with built in shelves is one solution. Lining the shelves with bins keep items tidy but accessible. When mezzanines and bins just aren’t enough, it’s time to consider upgrading your space.  When the warehouse is simply too small, you may need to evaluate how you use the space or consider buying or leasing a larger building. If you are seeing these signs in your warehouse, talk to one of our professionally trained warehouse experts about available solutions. Use our live chat or call us at 800-966-3999.

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