Industrial Shelving Products: Not Just for the Warehouse

August 23, 2018

Warehouses use a wide range of industrial shelving products, work benches, mesh containers and all-welded storage cabinets to keep inventory organized for fast picking and packing processes. Yet smaller commercial organizations, and even homeowners, can benefit from using commercial shelving options. Home garages, breweries, drop shippers, subscription box companies and the cannabis industry can take advantage of the benefits of commercial bulk shelving and other items.

Shelving for Movability and Different Item Sizes

Sometimes space can be limited for commercial businesses that don’t have a dedicated warehouse to store inventory. Also, due to the tight space, your operations can be hampered when offering different product lines at certain times of the year, such as a brewery who makes seasonal craft beer and needs to move around inventory. Movable shelving options such as boltless shelving can be equipped with rollers as you can move the shelves to where they need to be. In addition, the shelves use a boltless technology to allow for quick adjustments. You can make the shelves higher for larger items or shorter for small items to allow for more shelves to be added.

Table Space for Work and Garage Products

Whether you are preparing subscription boxes for customers, or working on a craft project for the home, having a place to work is essential. Our industrial workbenches provide the necessary table space at the desired height. You can adjust the top of the workbench to accommodate your needs when you want to sit or stand at the bench. We offer different types of table surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, plastic or steel depending on the application that will be performed. Having a workbench constructed with durable, heavy duty steel legs and even a double shelf will allow you to use the workbench for long productive periods. Plus, we carry heavy duty seating to ensure you’re working ergonomically. Our office stools feature adjustable back rests and casters.

Commercial Bulk Shelving for Your Business and Residential Needs

Bulk shelving is designed to handle the rigorous operations found in industrial warehouses. Yet a smaller commercial business or residential homeowner can take advantage of these same shelving solutions to have superior shelving, workbenches and cabinets available for your tasks. Action Wholesale Products has a complete selection of heavy-duty materials for your office, home and warehouse needs! Call us or use our live chat today for help choosing the right products for your workspace.

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