Commercial Kitchen NSF Shelving

May 25, 2015

An efficient commercial kitchen or restaurant needs to have all the required tools on hand from the appliances to the cooking utensils. Yet it’s your shelving that keeps the work area organized so cooks can easily find food ingredients, wait staff can wheel out plates of hot food, and busboys can gather finished meals to have the highest table turnover as possible. Commercial kitchen shelving comes in all shapes and sizes, yet only a few products will bear an NSF label.

What Is NSF and What Does It Mean For Wire Shelving?

In 1944, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) was founded as a risk management solution for public health and safety. This organization performs testing and certification on a range of products used in preparing and serving food for consumption to ensure all safety measures have been taken so products meet performance and safety standards. The organization changed its name to NSF International to offer certification to many different products from companies around the world.

Restaurant shelving bearing the NSF label shows that the shelving has met all requirements for design construction, safety and performance. NSF shelving has been tested to hold and store food without any failure in the material design or material construction for as long as it is put to use.

Applications For NSF Shelving

Really, NSF shelving can be used in any application where you need to store food, dishes, appliances or other items to run your business. Place the shelves inside walk-in freezers to organize fresh foods for daily use. Have the shelves near food preparation stations so cooks can reach spices, appliances, and cooking pans. Dishes, napkins, silverware and table linens placed on shelving allows wait staff to prepare tables for dining.

Here at Action Wholesale Products, we offer a wide range of restaurant and commercial kitchen shelving with the NSF label. Some of the products we offer include:

When it comes to organizing your restaurant so it runs efficiently, wire shelving becomes a necessity in daily operations. Feel rest assured that the shelving will keep food and food preparation products at hand in the safest manner possible without material defects or failure. Check out our everyday low prices and free shipping for these products as our live operators are ready to help you select the shelving that fits into your small business needs.

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