Action Wholesale Products Beating The Competitors Pricing For Commercial Shelves

June 8, 2015

The warehouse needs shelving but everybody is at odds on what to order. You want affordable commercial shelves that will work with the business budget. Yet the moment your warehouse manager hears the word, “affordable,” he shakes his head. The manager assumes you are buying cheap shelves that won’t be able to handle the load of products and will end up collapsing in about two weeks. The two of you are butting heads and this tactic is getting nowhere fast as you need a place to store the products for the influx of orders. It’s all about Action Wholesale Products beating the competitors pricing for commercial shelves.

Low Pricing On Premium Industrial and Commercial Shelves

Action Wholesale Products offers the industrial shelving for their warehouse organization solutions. We provide durable wire shelves, pallet racks, boltless shelves and everything in-between for your large shelving needs. Every shelf we offer comes with our low price guarantee. If you find a competitor that offers cheap shelving at a lower price, we will beat their prices by 10%. You can purchase the commercial shelving that will hold a wide range of items from consumer goods to food products without the costs putting a strain on your finances. Here at Action Wholesale Products, giving the best pricing on shelves is our top priority. We have evaluated the current market prices and our main competitors’ products to develop a price comparison sheet. Find out how our prices stack up to the competitors so you can get the best deals on all types of shelving products for your business.

Compare Our Pricing to the Competition!

In addition to finding great products for commercial and industrial shelving, we also offer free shipping on orders over $400 to select cities in the California areas of San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. We can offer these great benefits due to having our own truck carriers and having the largest selection on merchandise right in our warehouses. If your order is less than $400 or you are located outside of our delivery area, we will take all efforts to ship your products at the lowest price possible by common carriers so you receive it on time. Our live operators are available to help you select the commercial shelves for your warehouse. Contact us today and take advantage of our low pricing on the cheap shelves that will hold your products.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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