3 Reasons to Choose Boltless Shelving Systems

June 29, 2015

When it comes to warehouse shelving, there are variety of options for facility managers to choose from. One of the most attractive options is none other than boltless shelving. Just as the name implies, these systems don’t require any specialty tools, screws or special hardware to install – just some basic assembly know-how and man power. The below are the 3 Reasons to Choose Boltless Shelving Systems that could be a good fit for your facility:

1. Easy Assembly: As we mentioned in the opening, this shelving style is easy to assemble and maintain. There are no power tools involved and you won’t have to worry about nuts or screws rusting or loosening over time. All that needs to be done is just the simple assembly of the individual shelving units (which can be completed without any specialty tools) and a few strong hands to get the shelving to where it needs to go in the warehouse.

2. Durability: Just because these shelves aren’t secured into the wall doesn’t mean that they aren’t sturdy and reliable. Most models of these shelving options feature either particle board or wire decking on the individual shelves – two materials which are very strong and durable. The bottom line is that when you’re storing items in a warehouse setting, you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your warehouse shelving is going to stand up to the weight it’s holding. With this type of shelving system, you won’t have to.

3. Versatility: Finally, a big benefit to this shelving is extremely versatile. Most shelving can be adjusted to meet the needs of various different settings and products. So if inventory changes or the warehouse is undergoing an expansion or change, you won’t have to worry about an extensive overhaul.

Watch our Boltless Shelving How to Video

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