Selecting the Right Industrial Workbenches for your Needs

July 26, 2016

Industrial workbenches can keep up with all of the hard work and stress you can put them through, if you select the right one for the shop’s needs. For your warehouse or workshop, Action Wholesale Products provide the durability you need at a price that’s highly competitive. Adjustable height workbenches and our Rivet System workbenches are powerhouses capable of helping you to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Adjustable Height, Industrial Workbenches

Adjustable height industrial workbenches are perhaps the most economical option for most warehouses, but they are outstanding in terms of overall versatility. Choose from wood, plastic laminate, and steel tops. For a higher quality, more refined product, consider the hardwood-top workbenches in this line. Depending on the model selected, our adjustable height workbenches offer the rugged design you need with a smooth-sanded and clean edge. They are moisture resistant and can handle hammering, cutting, and even heat with ease. The high-pressure laminate is an excellent option for avoiding stains and has a non-conductive plastic top to reduce risks.

Rivet System Industrial Workbenches

A secondary line of products that perhaps offers the most versatility and durability is our Rivet System workbenches. These do not need bolts to assemble them – and that’s good news to anyone working in a busy warehouse needing a go-to solution right away. Still, you have plenty of options here. Choose a workbench with or without lower shelves or risers. Adding these in can help provide storage that’s right at eye level. These are highly durable systems that can work well in even the most demanding of environments. Key benefits of the Rivet System include its high-quality design that’s ideally suited for the changing dynamics of any industrial space and its ability to be configured the way you want and need it to be. You’ll find the durable laminate surface helps minimize risks to safety while offering a nice, glossy finish for a professional, clean look. Buyers can also consider the non-laminated particle board surfaces to reduce costs a bit more. Depending on the dynamics in your warehouse or shop space, either of these types of industrial workbenches can fit right in. Adjust the height to match your team or add shelving to our Rivet Systems to make the most of even the smallest back corner space. Each model is easy to assemble and comes at the most competitive pricing around. Let us help you to make the best decision for your specs.  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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