Maximum Storage in the Warehouse

August 9, 2016

Using plastic bins and shelving systems can add organization and extra room to your warehouse space. Being able to see all the items and catalog them based on your preferences also allows you to keep better track of your inventory. There are a number of wholesale storage bins that can be used to make an impact on the organizational design. Shelving units with plastic bins of different sizes can completely organize a number of items, including:
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Medical supplies
  • Paint chips
  • Educational items
  • Law enforcement items

How do shelving systems increase space?

The concept of shelving systems may seem as if it’s adding clutter instead of removing it, but shelving helps promote organization in a few ways:
  • Visibility
Things are more visible when on shelves, which makes them easily accessible.
  • Tracking
When items are located on shelves, you are able to monitor your inventory based on shelf and area, rather than wondering which box or what side of the warehouse the items you need are located.
  • Traffic
Shelving helps organize the traffic in the warehouse. Individuals can go straight to the area, cutting down on the number of people needed to look for particular items.
  • Clean
Having shelving in a warehouse space is cleaner and makes things more efficient. Additionally, items are up off the floor, which helps the floors stay well maintained.

Why does inventory need to be controlled?

In a warehouse, inventory is the main issue. Making sure you keep accurate numbers helps the bottom line, and reduces instances of overbuying or running out of things. Keeping a running inventory can be difficult, especially when items are still being logged or tagged. Using plastic bins to keep items in place while going through the process will save time, manpower and money. Getting specialty bins for your warehouse space based on your specific needs is smart. Action Wholesale Products is able to provide industrial shelving in different sizes and depths to accommodate any inventory you may have. Working with a team associate to determine what you need will help you design a warehouse space that will be functional. For more information on using wholesale storage bins for your warehouse space and low-price guarantees on industrial shelving, contact the team at Action Wholesale Products today!  Action Wholesale Products Blog

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