Month: April 2020


Getting Organized While Staying at Home?
What You Need to Know Before Ordering Storage Shelving

One positive consequence of the COVID-19 shelter in place order is the opportunity it affords you to finally tackle those DIY projects you just didn’t have time for before. But thanks to the countless hours being spent at home, now is the time to reorganize your home and create an ordered space you will enjoy now and for years to come.

garage shelving

What Does Your DIY List Include?

If you are like most homeowners, your garage is one of the areas of your home that needs the most attention. It’s probably also one of the most intimidating areas to try to organize. There is just so much stuff! Thankfully, shelving is often a great solution to this common problem. Action Wholesale Products makes organizing and other DIY jobs a bit easier, which let’s face it, we could all use a little more of during this challenging time.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the scope of a project, when looking at it in its entirety. Break your garage or other cluttered space into smaller sections and tackle them one at a time. This will prevent you from getting discouraged. As you organize one section, you will begin to see progress and that’s encouraging, making you want to keep going. Once you have an idea in mind about what shelving is needed and its purpose, it’s time to give Action Wholesale Products a call.

What You Need to Know Before Making The Call

While we at Action Wholesale Products are glad to hear from you at any time, to make the process of purchasing needed organizational items like shelving easier, you should measure your space and gather the following information before calling so we can be the most help:

1.) What Will You Be Storing?

Determining what type of shelf will work best in your space is largely dependent on what you plan on storing. You need to answer two main questions:

  • Will you need plastic bins or boxes to store your items?
  • How much weight do you plan on adding to each shelf?

Your answers to the above questions will greatly determine the type of product recommended by Action Wholesale Products.

2.) What is the Size of the Area That You Need Shelving For?

  • How deep do the shelves need to be? Consider the items that stick out the most and figure out the depth you need. Of course, you might not need the same depth in all shelving, you can alter the depth and items stored on said shelves to best situate your items.
  • What is the height and width? Let Action Wholesale Products know the size of the space you need to fill with shelving.

3.) How Will You Secure Your Shelving?

The answer to this question is vitally important because the types of wall fasteners and shelving units you need will depend on this. Do you have children? If so, you will want to ensure your shelving can’t tip over. After your shelves are installed, Action Wholesale Products recommends you properly secure them to prevent any accidents.

Now’s the time to tackle that DIY list you have been putting off. Armed with all the information above, give us a call at Action Wholesale Products so we can get you the best shelving for your needs. 


DIY Home Projects with Affordable Shelving Solutions

While we are sure that things are not business as usual for you, we do have a few ideas for projects that you can do while social distancing or home isolating that we may be able to help you with.

Finally getting all of those papers into clearly labeled boxes and stacked neatly on shelves may do wonders for your psyche as you enjoy a feeling of accomplishment that will benefit your office at least until next tax season. Check out our selection of Boltless Archive Shelving for systems that could work well for this project.

Whether it’s your home garage or shared warehouse space, getting organized and making space to work can be inspiring. Check out our selection of Storage Bins to get things put away, then browse our boltless workbenches to see which might be a good fit for your project space.

Restaurants, breweries, and wineries are just a few of the types of businesses that have been hit hard. Is it a good item to replace that rusty shelving while things are slow? If so, check out our NSF selection.

Whether you take on one of the projects above or have your own in mind, we are here to help if needed.