For Office Storage that Is Easy to Assemble, Boltless Shelving is the Answer

Whether you have an abundance of office supplies that need to be stored, or you have paper records piling up, it’s important to have quality storage in place to keep everything organized. Boltless shelving is perfect for the office because it is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. It’s heavy duty, and most shelves can hold up to 800 pounds. The holding capacity and ease of assembly make boltless shelving essential for any storage space.

Shelving to Fit in Any Space

One of the best things about boltless shelving is how easy it is to customize to fit in any space. Whether you are setting up an office gym and you need storage for equipment, or you want to change a closet into a storage area for heavy boxes of paper, you can choose a shelving system that fits the parameters of the area you want to utilize. Whether your shelving is customized, or you choose from the standard sizes, this will make any room into a solid storage space that can hold heavy supplies.

If You Need to Archive Paper Records

Heavy, thick paper records can be a nightmare to store. If you need to archive a number of records and you haven’t invested in a system, the archive boltless system is perfect for getting paper relics out of your office and into proper storage until you can finally destroy them for good. As some records need to be kept for many years, it’s important to have a system where you can access these records if necessary.

While you may be able to find a number of storage solutions, few work as well as the sturdy, dependable boltless shelving. It’s versatile, and despite not needing any tools, bolts, or screws, the shelving is incredibly strong and does not fall apart. This shelving will stand up to years of use, and it’s a great fit for anywhere you need to organize heavy objects. Whether you are trying to get your files in order, or you have a commercial kitchen that needs storage, you can find the perfect storage solution for all of your needs when you invest in a boltless shelving system.


Organize Business Records For Optimal Archival Retrieval

Archive Shelving UnitsThroughout the business world, data is collected that is needed to run and track daily operations. Reports of current sales, forecast reports, employees’ work hours and inventory lists of available stock in warehouses are just some of the records that a business might need to sort. You may also collect data reports for document creation and store customer information. For many businesses, keeping these documents as virtual files in computer networks, as well as, physical records that are stored in warehouses and storage facilities is standard practice.

Unfortunately, the number of files and documents your business creates can be enormous. Without a proper archival storage system set up, workers end up stacking boxes on top of each other as the boxes pile up in corners. This situation makes it more difficult to retrieve the required physical files when needed, leads to misfiled records, and may accidentally cause the wrong files to be destroyed. Studies have shown that anywhere from 3 percent to 5 percent of records become lost or misplaced at any given time, and that workers can waste an average of 2 hours looking for the misplaced records or spend up to $180 recreating a one-page document.

No manager wants to put out an SOS memo to the rest of the staff over a missing employee who became lost in the piles of documents in the storage room as they tried to find that one important file. Finding storage solutions that can reduce the amount of misplaced and missing files (or workers searching for such files) can become paramount to your operations.

Smarter Archive Organization Starts with Better Storage Options

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce wasted productivity and document re-creation costs is to analyze current archival shelving organization. Archive shelving allows for your business to keep records off the ground, especially helpful in buildings where records are stored in basements that can get flooded. This shelving provides better organization solutions, as boxes of documents can be grouped and shelved in specific locations based on importance and how often the information is used. You can better utilize available storage space for different size locations, such as rooms that are narrow with high ceilings or storage spaces that are wide but with low ceilings. We offer two types of record management shelving options: Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving.

Rivet System® Archive Shelving

These shelving systems are ideal for organizations that store smaller batches of records or will store these files for shorter lengths of time. Rivet System® Shelving Systems don’t require nuts, screws or bolts to assemble so office workers can easily set up and tear down these units. Archive shelving systems can hold 100 standard archive boxes and come in several storage depths to allow for double box stacking.

Bulk Archive Shelving

Bulk Archive Shelving can be used in organizations where they are managing and storing large amounts of physical documents and files. This shelving option can hold 140 archive boxes that are standard size and allows for add-on units to be attached when your storage needs increase. You can double stack boxes on bulk archive shelving for more storage capacity and still be able to easily retrieve files.

At Action Wholesale Products, we offer Rivet System® Archive Shelving and Bulk Archive Shelving at the lowest prices guaranteed. Before making a purchase, evaluate your current record management system. By understanding your record storage needs, how workers will retrieve files and the amount of time you will be storing these records, you can decide on the right types of archival shelving organization for your warehouse or storage facility. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you in selecting the right shelves as well.


Get Your Warehouse Organized in 2016 with Boltless Shelving

The hectic holiday season is over as 2016 heralds a new year of increased sales for small businesses, retailers and manufactures. Yet to start out the new year right, your warehouse may need a major overhaul. Organizing your warehouse with boltless shelving can make a major difference as you will be able to get orders fulfilled efficiently and meet production deadlines while controlling inventory costs.

Boltless Shelving is the Optimal Solution for Warehouse Space Optimization

A place for everything with every product, tool, part and other item stashed in its proper place is the ultimate goal of any warehouse manager. Yet no matter how you arrange the items, if you have inferior shelving then your order picking will suffer from unsafe working conditions, slow work productivity, and the increased possibility of products becoming damaged.

Boltless shelving offers a ton of options for business owners and warehouse managers looking for better organization and productivity in their warehouses. These shelves easily optimize available space as employees can quickly assemble the shelves and move them into place without the use of special tools. You can cut down on the rate of downtime to organize your warehouse with these easy-to-assemble shelves made from durable materials. Quickly change the height of shelves that can support the weight of the products as the shelves can accommodate a range of different inventory sizes.

Why Warehouse Organization and Boltless Shelving is so Important

Without an organized warehouse, you risk the chance of misplacing items for months and even years as the products become obsolete. Then your warehouse staff has to deal with less space to organize your remaining product lines into productive picking zones for maximum order fulfillment because these obsolete products are in their way.

Having an organizational plan in place and using boltless shelving lets your warehouse staff stock products in the right places to meet customer demand. An organized warehouse also allows you to lower the number of workplace related accidents. Clearing out aisles that can become clogged with boxes will help workers shift stock without tripping on objects on the cluttered floor.

A wide range of business industries have already taken advantage of the benefits offered by versatile boltless shelving. Contact Action Wholesale Products to find out how our shelves can increase warehouse productivity for your business.


Getting the Job Done for the California Fire Department

When a busy southern California fire department needed help storing and organizing their equipment, Action Wholesale Products was there to get the job done.

Fire departments have to store and maintain a wide variety of equipment of all different sizes and storage needs. At the same time, they have to have easy access to their equipment, know where to find it, and get at it quickly.

The Challenge and the Solution

This fire department found itself running out of storage space, and what they did have to work with used shelving that was getting old and unstable. It was still sufficient for some things, but not for the heavier equipment. They needed a solution, one that would fit within their limited budget.

They chose to purchase a 40 foot shipping container and outfit it with new shelving. They required that the new shelves be easily configured to meet a variety of needs, be low-cost yet high quality, and have the ability to be securely attached to the container walls. They also wanted shelves with a highly durable melamine finish that would stand up to abuse, resist stains and dirt, and be easy to clean.

When they started shopping around for vendors, they found that most of them simply couldn’t provide what they were looking for. They either didn’t have the versatility they needed, were too expensive, carried inferior products, or a combination of all of the above.

Action Wholesale Products Comes Through

They finally chose Action Wholesale Products as the vendor with the shelving they were looking for at the right price, with a quick delivery time and good customer service.

With the expert help of our sales team, they decided to purchase eight 72” x 60” x 24” shelving units that could be easily attached and had the required melamine finish. In addition, they ordered four black wire shelving carts to handle a variety of equipment storage that could be easily moved.

This being the first time the fire department had worked with Action Wholesale Products, they weren’t sure what to expect as far as service and whether AWP would deliver as promised. They were pleased to find that AWP had all of their purchases in stock, and within three business days they had their shelves on the premises and ready to install. They chose to install the shelves in the shipping container themselves, and found that the hangers used on these products were easy to work with and securely held the shelves to the sides, more than strong enough to hold the heaviest equipment they planned to store on them.

Another Happy Customer

Overall, the fire department was quite happy with their shelves and their service. Said their Chief, “Melody at Action Wholesale Products was very pleasant to work with the entire time despite some technicalities on our part due to government regulations and purchasing policies. She was patient and prompt with correspondence.”


The Action Wholesale Products Low Price Guarantee

When it comes to purchasing industrial shelving for your warehouse, you might think that the suppliers are a dime a dozen. The truth is, there are a lot of different factors that separate the best warehouse shelving suppliers, such as Action Wholesale Products, from the rest of the bunch.

So just what is the Action Wholesale Products difference? Here’s a look:

Everyday unbeatable pricing on shelving

Warehouse managers strive to keep revenue high and expenses low. With over 35 years of experience, we know how important cost is, especially when it comes to storage solutions. That’s why our prices aren’t just low at certain times of the year; they’re low all day, every day. We offer true wholesale prices on a wide variety of industrial shelving and warehouse storage solutions. Our low price guarantee states that if you find another catalog with a better price than ours including freight, we will beat that price by 20 percent. Have a written quote from a competitor? We’ll beat it by 10 percent. While others claim to have low prices, we can guarantee them.

Top-notch delivery services

Unlike some commercial storage suppliers who contract out freight services, we use our own trucks and our own drivers. This better ensures that your order arrives on time and undamaged. Take a look at our delivery Southern California free delivery schedule to areas including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernadino, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego.

Extensive Commercial Shelving inventory

Our Anaheim Warehouse stocks a vast inventory such as boltless shelving, pallet racking, bulk rack, cantilever, archive storage, and many other types of shelving & warehouse supplies. With an inventory as large as ours, you’ll be hard pressed to not find what it is that you’re looking for a t a great price. Better yet, all orders ship directly from our warehouse in a timely manner so you get your order quickly.

Action Wholesale Products has over 35 years of experience and over 50,000 satisfied customers. To see the Action Wholesale Products difference for yourself, start by checking out our pricing comparison sheet and look at how our offerings stack up with the rest of the competition. Contact us at 1-800-966-3999 to speak with our experienced staff who can assist you with finding the right shelving solution for your warehouse or store.

Pricing for Warehouse Shelving


Why Choose Wire Decking Rather than Wood Decking?

Installing Wire Mesh DeckingWhen it comes to your warehouse storage decking, you have several different options. Two of the most popular, however, are wire decking and wood decking. While each decking style has its pros and cons, wire decking is becoming more of the preferred style in many environments for a variety of reasons. Here is a look at some of the reasons why:

Improved Visibility

Every warehouse manager has been there before, looking – and being unable to find – some inventory that needs to be located. Eventually, you find it – but you waste precious time in doing so. That’s much less of an issue with wire decking, as this type of decking greatly improves visibility to help managers and workers maximize their efficiency.

Reduced Dust Buildup

Dust buildup is a common issue with wood decking, which leads to additional maintenance and other potential troubleshooting. While dust can still be an issue with wire decking, it’s much less of one.

Improved Sprinkler Effectiveness

For this reason, local fire codes in some cities actually require wire decking, because the wire decking surface allows emergency sprinklers to work much more effectively in a fire situation.

Built-in Supports

Support channels are actually built in to the wire decking itself, not only giving it a lot of rigidity, but load bearing capacity as well. In general, wire decking uses up to four different support channels and can withstand some 2,500 pounds. It’s also worth noting that wire decking can be custom made to withstand more weight.

Increased Airflow

Again, just as how the more open surface of wire decking help emergency sprinklers work more efficiently and also helps to reduce dust buildup, another benefit to the decking style is that it permits increased airflow. This is vital for several reasons, and can also reduce heating and cooling costs in warehouse environments.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wire decking when compared to other decking styles, such as wood. In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, it’s also worth noting that wire decking is very easy to setup. For more information on wire decking – and all of its benefits – contact Action Wholesale Products today at 800-966-3999.


Tips for Installing Pallet Rack Shelving in Your Warehouse

Assembling Pallet Racking

Warehouse organization requires innovate solutions. Pallet racks are the necessary shelving to keep products stacked in an organized manner for easy retrieval. These storage racks are a bit different from other warehouse shelving as a forklift can load and unload large wooden pallets of products directly onto the shelves. If you have ordered pallet rack […]


3 Reasons to Choose Boltless Shelving Systems

Boltless Shelving Systems - 3 Reasons

When it comes to warehouse shelving, there are variety of options for facility managers to choose from. One of the most attractive options is none other than boltless shelving. Just as the name implies, these systems don’t require any specialty tools, screws or special hardware to install – just some basic assembly know-how and man […]